The cooling breeze upon my face

Comforting and soothing

Refreshing is its gentle touch

I watch the whole world moving


The gentle waves upon the sand

This beautiful expanse

Fills me with wonder and with awe

And puts me in a trance


Now simple though this thing may be

It is sturdy and it’s strong

Withstanding distance, not fearing time

It’s future will be long


Now laugh you might at what I say

Jest you may, or mock

The most wondrous of all these things

Its you- you are my rock


Banal and repititious

This sour reeking life

Is waging war against me

Causing trouble, causing strife

Pillaging throughout my mind

Torturing my dreams

It rapes hope and murders joy

Despair!! So bleak it seems

In this battle against tedium

The fight against the stale

I must succeed to save my mind

I simply cannot fail

I'll not sit and wait to die

I will not give in

I'll scream until my breath is gone

I'll fight and I will win

Weapons of Friendship

The mighty sword of friendship shines

There's safety in its shimmer

Bringing comfort in your darkest hour

When things could not seem dimmer


It's gentle bearer, pure and kind

Merciful yet strong

Is always there protecting you

Whenever things go wrong


Your bonds of fear are cut with ease

By this awesome blade

And you cannot help but wonder

How such a thing was made


The empitiness is always there

A void i cannot fill

A  pain ful nothing in my heart

No matter what I will


Dissapointment crowds my life

Where did I go wrong

So often all I feel is numb

For feeling do I long


But the a  saviour comes to me

A flower starts to bloom

It's petals reassure me

And dissipate the gloom


The wonderous scent fills me with hope

The beauty soothes my pain

A seed grew into friendship

And now I feel again


Leaves fall, like sunlight

Glittering and waltzing

To the angelic voice

of the soothing breeze


Dusk, when the shadows dance

Majestic purples, subtle blues

Dew drops sparkle like sapphires

Peace lingers like a dream


Unique and spectacular snowflakes

The finality of it's settling

Post fluttering, post skipping

Becomes one with the blanket of diamonds


But what is the subtlety of an evening dew drop

The glitter of sunshine through ruby leaves

Or the purity of a lonely snowflake

next to the beauty of a friendship

Guilty Pleasures

Self indulgent and forbidden

That's why it is so good

There's pleasure in no knowing

If you really should


Enjoying what you know is wrong

The rules have left your head

It only takes a moment to

Forget how careful you should tread


Whether dreaming or awake

It's often hard to tell

Weak, caught in the moment

Misgivings you dispel


Nervous and excited

The thrill is such a treasure

There are many things in life like this

they call them guilty pleasures


Something isn't right

It's not how it used to be

Everything forever changing

The same leaves on a different tree

Things aren't the way they were

And no matter how I try

I look around and all I see

The same stars but different sky

How easilt things used to fit

A simple correlation

But on observing that whihc we have made

Same building, different foundations

But leaves will grow on any tree

The stars still shine I'm sure

And foundations won't affect the

Beauty of architecture


The dark grey clouds loom overhead

Tears of sorrow do they cry

Persistent is this rain that falls

Yet you're my shelter, I am dry

This darkness is confusing

Losing hope and losing sight

While many loose their footings

I will not, you are my light

The bow of fear aims at me

The sword of strife the world does yield

Yet I fear not, I know I'll live

For I have you as my shield


The blackened waves wash over me

Always pushing down

The sea of life engulfes me

Yet never overwhelmes


Forever lost in tedium

Forever feeling numb

The emptiness surrounds me

A shell I have become


Life just seems to pass me by

Excitment's never there

An existence in greyscale

Tears my cheeksdo bear

Shooting Star

Do not be a shooting star

With beauty bright and fleeting

One brief moment on the sky

Then suddenly retreating


You’ve earned your place among the stars

Bright though you may be

Sit for many years upon the sky

So that all the world can see


Without you the world would be

Dark, as black as tar

You fill the world with wonder

So don’t be a shooting star


No Regrets

Your future is uncertain

Yur fearful everyday

What else is there for you to do

But fall to your knees and pray


Thrown by shock and hit by panic

You surrender to your strife

But cowering and hiding

Is not any kind of life


So you be strong and well prepared

For what is out of sight

You can make yourself so proud

Just don't go down without a fight


So when you reach the final hurdle

Whatever route you have been set

You can hold your head up high

And know that you have no regrets.



Standing at the edge of doom

Uncertainty and fear

The crashing waves are fierce below

the water's never clear

Numb above the looming height

Reveries and indecision

Wondering, will life resume?

Is this the intermission?

I'm not ready to give in

I choose hope, and to believe

But deceit creeps up and pushed me

While falling I do grieve


I wrote this poem, intending it to fit, ryhtmically at least, to the theme from Pan's Labyrinth

(El Labyrinto Del Fauno)

which can be seen below, or found at:



Walking in the dark I see

There is nothing here for me

I'm alone and life is bleak

Feeling empty and weak


Suddenly lights do shine

Flickering and oh so fine

Illuminate the way ahead

And I know where to tread


Magical these lights may seem

I wonder if it's just a dream

Hopefulness stems from dismay

Now I can see my way


Glittering they show me peace

The dark and fear and shadows cease

I hope this beauty never ends

I found light in my friends